Time for Prayers coverTime For Prayers – This 24-paged, pocket-sized book aims to provide a helping hand to leaders of groups of children and young people, such as Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade, Pilots and other such groups.





Blanket badge.  Size approx 3in x 1in.

Blanket badge

Ideal as a blanket badge, to wear on clothing, or (for Scouting members) as an alternative to the FURY badge to wear as a Group badge on the back of the scarf (with local approval).  We understand that such a badge could also be worn by Girlguiding members subject to local approval.



Blanket badge [new logo] – can be used as above








FURY badgeFURY Badges – Approved for all Scouting members for wearing as a Group badge on the back of the scarf or on the right sleeve (with Scout District Approval). Guiding members are welcome to wear the badge too.  They are also ideal as a camp fire blanket badge, a souvenir or as a collectable.

URCGSF woggle


URCGSF Woggles – Our URCGSF Woggles have the URC Logo embossed in gold on a leather woggle in a selection of colours.  For example, the brown leather woggles are ideal for Scouts and Guides, the maroon colour for Beavers, and the various other colours for Cubs to replace the plastic “Sixes” woggles.

Note: woggles are now available with the new logo.

Polo2Polo shirts – the URCGSF quality cotton polo shirt, with an embroidered logo in gold, can be ordered to your size/ colour requirements.

Please email for payment and delivery details