Visions Ahead weekend 2nd – 4th May

A small  group gathered at Gillwell Park for this URCGSF camp weekend. We joined together for fellowship, worship and friendship.

Our accommodation was the Peter Harrison Lodge which was very comfortable and met our needs, we gathered on Friday evening for a meal and then some getting to know you activities lead by Lewis McKenzie, which were enjoyable if a little frustrating  at times, the most fascinating one was to work out who was who from a series of photos of ourselves from a point in our lives. This was followed by reflection and then bed for most of us!

Saturday was the main day and we had a very interesting talk from Steve Peck from the scout association in the morning followed by our bring and share activities, we had varied activities to share, from building up a map of the United Kingdom from a road atlas, to marshmallow and spaghetti towers, handicrafts such as Quilling,  brooches and Iris folding, using bubble wrap to pain with,  making boats that actually float, paper birds, and biscuits that are decorated to look like poppies. All these ideas were adaptable for all scouting sections and it was a pleasure to share them with each other and to take these ideas back to use with our sections.

After lunch most joined in a guided tour of Gillwell by David Marshell-Jones which for those of us whom do not know Gilwell very well was most interesting. This was followed by another insightful talk from Jo Hobbs from Girlguiding UK which sparked much discussion between us all. After yet another wonderful meal from our catering team we had the AGM, minutes of which will be published on here. Also at this time a few awards were given out to long serving members of our group. Again Saturday came to a close with reflection.

Sunday started with a lovely outdoor communion accompanied by birdsong and sunshine, followed by breakfast and a discussion amongst ourselves as to where we are at and where we wish to go as a fellowship. Soon it was time to tidy the lodge and leave, but it was a goodbye to all but a see you again soon to friends old and new.

Maybe next time you will join us too!