New free prayer resource for the younger age groups


Sample prayer cards



A set of Prayer Cards is now freely available on our website on the Resources page.

Thanks to Revd Sue McKenzie who originally produced these cards, the set of 26 is now available  for use by leaders of Beavers, Brownies, Rainbows, and younger Junior Church groups.  Each card has a short, easy to read prayer on a different theme, as well as a simple illustration.
Some ideas for using the cards:

Choose one card to print out, and use it for colouring and discussing the subject.

  • Devise a card game using a pack of the cards.
  • For a last minute prayer, a leader could simply access the cards on their smartphone or iPad.
  • Encourage youngsters to choose their own prayer theme using the cards.
  • Get youngsters to produce a prayer and a drawing using the cards as inspiration.