New URCGSF blanket badge

Size approx 3in x 1in.

Blanket badge

Ideal as a blanket badge, to wear on clothing, or (for Scouting members) as an alternative to the FURY badge to wear as a Group badge on the back of the scarf (with local approval).  We understand that such a badge could also be worn by Girlguiding members subject to local approval.

£1.00 each.

To purchase: Click here to send us a request via email, and we will get back to you with payment details.


URCGSF views on the new Guide Promise

Changes to the Guide Promise

Readers may be aware that from 1 September 2013 Girlguiding UK has changed the Promise to be made by members.

The URCGSF committee agreed this statement on the new part of the Guide Promise “to be true to myself and develop my beliefs”.

Subsequently it has been clarified that members are able to preface their Promise with a phrase such as “In the presence of God I promise….”


Gilwell Reunion 2013

At this year’s gathering for adults in Scouting, we set up base together with the Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic Fellowships to have a combined ‘Christians in Guiding and Scouting’  activity centre, based on Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

Four members of the Committee were there all day, and we had our usual merchandise for sale as well as free activity sheets on a Doctor Who theme, and the prayer rings (complete with a flying Tardis!)

2013-09-07 13.08.40 2013-09-07 13.08.47 2013-09-07 13.08.59 2013-09-07 13.09.16

Fellowship base at Gilwell 24

We set up an activity base during the 24 hr event at Gilwell in July for Explorer Scouts and Senior Section Guides.  We offered a range of craft activities and a chance to write a prayer to hang on our global prayer rings.   For some of the youngsters it provided a nice quiet interlude from some of the other more active bases.

2013-07-13 15.28.30

2013-07-13 12.25.32


2013-07-13 12.25.41